What is The Minison Project?

Tom Snarsky and Jo Ianni are credited with popularizing the form of a minimal sonnet, or “minison”, which is a very small poetic form with only one rule (and as with any poetic form, we use the word “rule” loosely): make a poem with only fourteen letters total. For example: « cobalt sea glass » (6 + 3 + 5 = 14). The sonnet is, of course, a classic and highly respected form in English poetry, and there is precedent for this kind of idea in Seymour Mayne’s word-sonnets, as well as in the work of Noelle Kocot.

When Tom and Jo collaborated on a micro-chapbook using this 14-letter format, they decided to share their work, and it invited other inventive poets to create beautiful art in this wonderfully small space (cf. Michael O’Brien’s collection of minisons). That’s when the two decided that it was time to start a passion project.

It started out as a simple call for minimal sonnets, which led to an informal zine release, and then another, and now, although not run by Tom and Jo, The Minison Project is alive and ready to go! We can already see the format blossoming into new, related forms, such as the minison coronet mentioned in our Issue #0, and the 14 letter/14 line poem that our EIC is so very fond of. We are excited to see how it continues to grow and we’re grateful that you’re along for the ride.


Photography by Letty North with White Ivy Media

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Melissa Ashley Hernandez

Founding Editor-in-Chief

Melissa (she/her) has her BA in Acting and Directing and is currently working towards her MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing from DeSales University. She is the founder of The Minison Project and heads The Minison Zine as Editor-in-Chief.

Her prose can be found in two short stories being published in 2021, “The Rum Keg Girl” will feature in the Cemetery Gates Media collection, Paranormal Contact: A Quiet Horror Confessional, and “Lady Killer” will feature in Volume 4 of Kandisha Press’ Women of Horror Anthology.

Her poetry can be found in the first two issues of the zine, The Daily Drunk Magazine, Fahmidan Journal, Dwelling Lit, and Versification Magazine. Her debut poetry chapbook, The Love in Between, was published January, 2021 by Lazy Adventurer Publishing.

Ada Wofford

Senior Editor

Ada (they/them) holds a BA in English, an MA in Library and Information Studies, and is currently pursuing their MA in English at the University of Rochester.

They are a contributing editor at The Blue Nib, they are the nonfiction editor at Stirring: A Literary Collection, and they have been published in Autostraddle, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Literary Heist, Sundress Reads, and more.

They are also the founding editor of My Little Underground, a music review blog written exclusively by musicians. Their first chapbook, I Remember Learning How to Dive, was published in 2020 by Alien Buddha Press.

Photography by Brett Jacobs

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